This passion to help animals slowly became an organized effort. If Diane had “extra”
donations, she would rescue a dog from the local pound and find it a loving home.
People began calling Diane whenever they found a dog or cat in distress, wounded,
dumped, etc.

Animal Pawtectors was launched when Diane wanted to reach a larger audience. She
relied on friends to help solicit donations and spread the word about adopting or
fostering a homeless dog or cat. Diane spent the time and money to go through the
process of interviewing and vetting to qualify Animal Pawtectors to be part of animal
networks, such as Petfinder, to help these animals. In 2014 she became a registered
charity and her passion and ambition to help defenseless animals continues to grow.
Now both Diane and her husband, Joe, have a life that revolves around helping the
animals that cannot help themselves.