Thank you so much for wanting to make a difference in the lives of abandoned animals. Foster care is critical to our rescue efforts. We do not have a physical building, so we can only rescue an animal if we have a foster home.

Please do not make the decision to foster on emotion, It is a serious commitment. Please remember Animal Pawtectors only takes in an animal when a foster is available, if our foster backs out of their commitment our options are limited. These dogs have been through a tremendous amount of stress and need time to decompress and often need to learn to trust again. They can be destructive and have accidents within the home. They may need additional training classes which requires you to teach, train and transport your foster dog. They will need regular veterinary care and sometimes need addition medical care and cage rest. As the foster parent you will be required to take them to their vet appointments.

Animal Pawtectors will provide all medical needs and food if needed. You will need to be able to transport your foster wherever needed, including to meet a potential adopter, and provide daily care, love and exercise.

We have no way of knowing the length of time you will have your foster, but you must be committed to keep them until they are adopted. If you can do this please apply and be a part of saving a life!